Small Business PBX solutions

You have a small business and Centurylink pricing getting you down? Simply Broadband Solutions can save you hundreds of dollars per month with our cost effective small business PBX solutions. Move to the latest PBX technology to give you more functionality and great cost savings. Its time to take the leap. Call our knowledgeable staff to find the best solution for your small business needs.

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Seasonal Users Switch to Save

Are you a seasonal resident and pay Centurylink all year round for service? Simply Broadband Solutions can save you hundreds of dollars per year compared to Centurylink with our month-to-month plan. Put your plan on hold and only pay for the months you need service. Average cost savings is $300 per year switching from Centurylink to Simply Broadband Solutions. Call today for details.

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Phone Service You Can Take With You

Is Centurylink gouging you for phone service? Why stick with outdated phone service when you can move to the latest technology. Want to keep your existing phone number? We can switch your number to our service and you can take it with while on the move! Want to have your phone service forward to your cell phone? Or, have the service take a message and have it send you an email with the message? Call today and learn how.

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Internet Service for Rural America

Looking for reliable and cost effective Internet service? Simply Broadband Solutions has the answer for all your connectivity. Friendly customer service to help you along the path of finding the best Internet solution for your needs. Residential, Commercial and Government solutions, including WIFI connectivity at your home, business or RV park. Call today to talk to our friendly staff.

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Own a RV Park? Time for WIFI

Losing customers to your competitors because they have reliable WIFI in their park? Time to upgrade yours to capture customers and make existing ones happy. From small to large deployments Simply Broadband Solutions has the answers for your needs. The race is on don’t get left behind. Call our knowledgeable staff to get on the right track.

WIFI for the Masses

Welcome to Simply Broadband Solutions

Simply Boradband Solutions wants to be the partner you can rely on for all your Internet and networking needs. We have 30 years of telecom, phone and network experience. No job is too large or too small for our staff. Call today for a no obligation consulting on your project needs

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Service Plans

  • Service for the Masses
    Pricing plans that match anyone's budget.
  • Bundled Phone and Internet
    One bill for all your services and easy online billpay.
  • Seasonal Plans
    Why pay when you are not using the service. No fee when you suspend your plan.

Compare and Save

Compare your phone and Internet bill from Centurylink with our pricing and you'll see the hundreds of dollars in savings you'll have per year. Remember our pricing is just that. No surcharges, extra fees or extra add ons in a confusing bill format. Time for you to switch.

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